Activate License error

Hi all,

When I want to active a FoldingText license, I always get an “Sorry: Unspecified error”. Is there something I can do to fix this?

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I also have the same error, Mac OS 11.6

@dcoeurjo @zebpedersen Does the FoldingText still work?

Not anymore as the trial period expired

Few details on my setting: macOS Monterey 12.1 on an Apple Silicon

@dcoeurjo When did you purchase FoldingText?

Long time ago but I had to reinstall it with a new licence on my computer (a week ago).

-thx for your help @croy-

@dcoeurjo & @zebpedersen Here is a link to a version of 2.2 that doesn’t require a license. This should solve your issue.

FoldingText 2.2

Hi, I’m facing the same issue, in my case after an upgrade to Catalina.

I was already using FoldingText 2.2, and tried registering it with two different license keys but I’m always getting the above-mentioned “Unspecified error”.

Fortunately I was still in the trial period, so I haven’t been locked out, at least not yet.

After seeing your message I tried deleting my current FT and replacing it with the one you suggested, but it’s still asking me to either activate the license or continue the trial.

Am I missing something? Should I also delete all system files associated with FT?
I didn’t try that, yet, because the last time I tried that it decided my trial period was OVER, and locked me out completely. (More details given in the HogBaySoftware forums). I was able to recover from that because I’d made backups of everything.

Thanks for your attention, and thanks for your efforts to keep FT alive and going!

@croy same as @danby: the 2.2 version also requires an activated license.

Thx for you help.

@dcoeurjo Have you tried to click ‘Buy Now’ Since there isn’t a cost, it should work.

The “Buy now” asks me to purchase a new license ($0), which is later sent by email but not recognized when I “activate” it.

@dcoeurjo Dang it. I apologize for the inconvenience. I thought this would work. Let me look into another option.

No problem, thanks a lot for your help.

Thanks for looking for a new option!

FYI, my “trial” period is over now, so I’m locked out of using it until you can find some way around this issue. I’m not locked out of my documents or anything, so it’s not urgent - but I thought I’d let you know.