Adding a note to a task, scripting Taskpaper

Hi, I am new to Folding Text and am looking at using it to replace an OmniOutliner based outline that uses applescript to colour and moves todos . While using this outline I have tended to add quite lengthy “notes” to some todos to record details of the actions taken. This works because OmniOutliner allows “notes” to be added to a todo. Some of these action notes are quite lengthy flowing over several paragraphs and containing code snips etc.

Taskpaper allows a Todo to have one or more child rows and these are archived (moved) with the parent when the archive action is run, so these children could be used to hold detailed notes.

From what I have read FoldingText is more capable than Taskpaper but it probably requires a script to be created to perform the actions I detail above. Is there such a script?

Lastly, what book or web page would the experts recommend to learn the scripting language?

best wishes


Hi Skids,

The tutorial: will get you started on how to customize FoldingText. All customization is done with JavaScript and CSS. There are many great places on the net for information on them: just google.

I would recommend using FoldingText over TaskPaper since that latest version of TaskPaper is not out yet and the old version is not customizable to this degree. The 3.0 version will have all the customization that FoldingText currently has.

For tag coloring, you will want to look at the examples here:

Also, the script “styled tags” is a great example of how to make some:

If you need more help, just ask.

Thanks for the links. I have installed the styled tags plugin which works well but I find the code rather terse. I will keep studying it and the SDK.