Adding hyperlinks – ⌘⇧K without extended selection?

⌘⇧K is working well in command mode (wrapping the whole <p> contents in an <a> link),
and also works well with extended selections in editing mode,

but if one uses in editing mode with a collapsed (unextended) cursor it does throw up a dialog and accept a typed url, but doesn’t in fact use it to place a link anywhere in the line.

Clearly a marginal case, because an <a> does need to enclose some text – but I wonder whether it might be helpful to either:

  • Apply the entered URL to the whole text of the node, in such cases, or
  • prompt the user that an extended selection is needed ?

( rather than accepting the typed url but not actually inserting any <a></a> pair )

Or, perhaps better still, entering in the ⌘⇧K dialog with an unextended editing cursor in an outline node could just insert:

<a href=""></a>

(rather than discarding the entered URL ?)

This should be working in most recent release.