App crashes on open

I’m having a recurring problem where FoldingText crashes shortly after opening, typically when I click the New Document button in the file picker that appears on launch, or (if I dismiss that dialog), when trying to open a file from File>Recent Documents or File>Open…

It sometimes also happens if I double-click a .txt file in the Finder.

Weirdly, the problem will often NOT repeat if I then re-launch FoldingText. Once I re-launch, I can often open a file however I want. Sometimes it will crash again, but usually it’ll work.

I have a feeling this is less a bug than some kind of corrupted (preference?) data, but I’m not sure how to troubleshoot.

Any suggestions?



Sorry for the late response here. I’m not sure what’s going on actually. Can you tell me which version of FoldingText you’re using? and the version of OSX?

If your app crashed, you may also have a crash log. If you can go to Console (search spotlight for console) and click on ‘User Reports’ you may find a crash log related to Foldingtext which you can PM me. That may help track down the issue at hand.