Are dates available as tags

When I use words for tags, I can handily focus on them. But I also like to use a date as a tag so that I can set myself a deadline for a todo item. I would then like to be able to focus on the todo items for a specific date. The format I use, which worked best in Taskpaper and for which I created a Textexpander snippet is @2014-07-14.

But in Foldingtext, such tags are not showing up as tags, but as regular text. Am I missing something, or will this change, or should I stick with Taskpaper for this feature?

Thank you

FoldingText (and TaskPaper 3 Dev) will be able to help you most if you use a @key(value) pattern to distinguish among different kinds of dates, for example:

  • @start(2014-07-14)
  • @alert(2014-08-01 08:00)
  • @due(2014-08-14)

Combining this plugin with Textexpander will allow you to create date tags using informal and relative expressions like @due(3 sep 2pm) which will automatically be converted to @due(2014-09-03 14:00)

(Extract the components from the repository zip at

I like the look of the plugin. Has anyone else had any problems getting it to run? Default shortcut keys don’t seem to work for me, and invoking the TE snippet returns: “Plugin not installed:smalltime – ‘open date phrase panel’” although I’ve placed both reminder tools.ftplugin and smalltime.ftplugin in my FoldingText application folder… I’m guessing there’s something obvious I’ve missed, but can’t see it right now.

There’s one more plugin you need to install - Jamie Kowalski’s display panel

Thanks for catching the gap in the installation notes - I’ll edit them tomorrow.

I appreciate the feedback. I hope that a simple date can be a tag in itself (with the due/start/done/etc additions. But this gives me a great way to work with my expanding todo list in Folding text and that is what I was looking for.

Mind blown. Installed jmk_panel.ftplugin. Now the keyboard shortcut correctly invokes the pop-up panel— very cool. The TE snippet still returns the same error… Nonetheless, thanks! This will be very useful.

I’ve just updated the TextExpander snippets.

Looks like you may have caught a lag between them and the latest plugin versions – thanks for the feedback, and let me know how you get on.

All seems to be working as expected now. One thing: I’ve updated the TextExpander abbreviation— I use NValt alongside FoldingText, and while I rarely write a due tag there, it happens on occasion. Also, considering the fact that I use Editorial on the iPad and 1Writer on my iOS devices… well, you get the picture.

Is the new “alarm” tag snippet intended to work in conjunction with something else?

And: thanks again for this. It’s a real joy to see what people are coming up with, and this particular plugin is very useful.

All seems to be working as expected now.

Good ! Thanks for letting me know.

Is the new “alarm” tag snippet intended to work in conjunction with something else?

There is a ‘Reminder Tools’ plugin (and some FT apple scripts which use it) in the FoldingText 2 plugins and scripts section of the same Github repository. You may already have them if you downloaded the repository .zip

Essentially the idea is to automatically create and use items linked to @alert or @alarm tags in FoldingText items. (The main virtue of Reminders alerts is that they sync well across devices)

( Looking at them, I see that I need to write some documentation – probably not till next week I’m afraid )

Really interested in figuring out how the Reminder Tools plugin works… Looking forward to next week!

I’ll aim make some first notes Saturday evening after sundown (if the sun does go down at all at this latitude and moment in the year …)

Have a good weekend !