Autosave, inline date stamps, auto-open last file, github-style todos

Well, pretty much what’s in the title.

  • Autosave
    According to this post when you quit foldingtext it should auto re-open the last file? I can’t even quit the app, it asks me to save the file… Why not just provide an option to auto-save at regular intervals? I’d like to put a file in Google Drive for instance to be sure it’s synced. I also don’t want to do Cmd-S all the time. Stickies doesn’t even have a Save feature, it just instantly saves when you type something.

  • Inline date stamps
    If you complete a todo item, it adds @done (date). This is good, but sometimes I just want to add a note to an entry of a todolist that also contains a datestamp. For example, if I had an item “Go to the bank” I want to add a note “I went today but Mr X wasn’t there, need to go back later.” with a date stamp attached, so I know when I went to the bank and how much time passed in between. Kind of like in Google Docs, where you can comment on things in a document and it says when the comment was made.

  • Auto-open last file
    If you open Foldingtext, nothing happens. This is annoying. Why can’t it open the files that were open when I closed it, like Stickies does?

  • Github-style todos
    Not super important, but it might be cool if you could do - [ ] instead of the kind of weird .todo at the end of a title.

Someone more knowledgeable than me might chime in, but in the meantime…

Autosave: works for me. No need to cmd-s. I don’t get the save file dialog— which version of FT are you using?

Date-stamps: imho— sounds like a plugin rather than core. Maybe one of the members of the community can help you script something? I’d do this with TextExpander, personally .

Auto-open: heard. There’s been some recent conversation about this, and about files opening that don’t display all of the expected contents. I’m sure Jesse’s working on this.

Github-style todos: maybe this could be provided via a plugin as well? Although Jesse might adjust the requirement of adding .todo on the end of each line that heads a list of sub-tasks, I presume it’s likely that the top level .todo mode will remain as is, as part of the system of current modes.