Birch 1.0.0 "Dev" release


  • Documented Selection class.
  • Fixed clearing formatting at end of line.
  • Fixed dragging scroller to not modify selection.
  • Fixed text caret positioning problems at text wrap boundaries.
  • Started version numbers at 1.0.0 as recommended by NPM.

This download includes:

  1. Open docs/index.html for installation instructions and API docs. I think must open in Chrome or links don’t work because files don’t have extensions :frowning:.

  2. The birch-outline-editor-package folder contains the Birch outliner package that needs to be installed into Atom as describe in the docs.

  3. The Birch.bml file contains background and basic instructions for using the outliner. Open it in Atom once you’ve installed the Birch package and it should open as an outline.

how much of the install procedure is necessary for upgrade? I.e., do i need to apm install and apm link again?

Hi, I installed the latest Birch and the markdown module. I tried all the commands and they worked. Busy with work right now, but will hack on it more. Thanks.

BTW: to get close to FT theming, try:

UI Theme: Unity
Syntax Theme: One Light

That works until we get a more FT like theme for Birch. Is there a way to hide tabs? I can’t see any in Atom, but this is my first time to use Atom. I’m a Sublime guy for code editing.