Blank Document and Stuck Carot

First, I don’t know if this only happens on my machine. I haven’t yet tried deactivating the plugins I’ve installed.

Problem 1: After scrolling with the arrow keys below the /etc/passwd in my text the cursor gets stuck.

Problem 2: With this “error” in place, trying to add something at the top of the document everything goes blank.

I’ve uploaded a demo document here:

PS: When putting the “/etc/passwd” line in backticks everything works.

Sorry for late reply here (just found a bunch of messages that I’d lost track of in these forums)… anyway. I can’t quite reproduce the problem. I don’t see a freeze. But when I opened that document I did notice that there is an invalid char right before /etc/passwd. It may be that you are using an earlier version of the app them me and in your version it has problems with that case?

In my version that character is displayed as a red dot… but I don’t see any freeze. You can probably fix the problem by deleting the entire line and then retype /etc/passwd instead of copy paste from the original source.