Bought FT on MAS, will the license work with direct download version?


I read that if I buy the MAS version, the direct download version will recognize it and work ( When I click “Show Licnese” in the direct download version, it shows me that I’m still in trial for the next 7 days, is this normal? Should FT automatically be generating a license when it detects the MAS version?

Thank you.

It should. You need to download and run the MAS version once, then you should be able to run the direct download version without restriction.

Thanks Jesse.

I downloaded the MAS version, launched it, then launched the direct download version. When I click check license, it still shows me the trial dialog in “Show License.”

Is it supposed to generate a license when it launches and detects the MAS version? I just can’t see a way to find out if it knows about the MAS version or not.

That should have done it…

But there seems to be a bug where this doesn’t happen sometimes. I’m going to redirect you over to another thread where this is being discussed. And in particular can you try out these suggestions and let me know what results you get.

Thank you Jesse. The latest dev works and doesn’t ask for a license when launching, but it only works if the MAS version is installed and has been launched. If I delete the MAS version, the dev version asks for a license again.

Is there anyway to make this switch permanent?

Also, do you want me to continue to reply here or in the other thread?


I think this thread is good for now. The file that needs to exist is in the App Store versions sandbox… I “think” if you just delete the App Store version of the app, but no the sandbox then it should be OK, though when version number changes you’ll have to run app store version again at least once.

When you deleted app store version did you delete using “Launch Pad”, I think when you do that it also deletes sandbox. I would instead try deleting directly in the Finder… or maybe you can just rename the app?

You’re right. Deleting the App Store version of Folding Text using Launch Pad deletes the sandbox and everything with it. Whereas removing the application from the /Applications folder keeps the sandbox data.

I didn’t realize Folding Text needs to check for the sandboxed App Store receipt on every launch. I thought that once it checks for it, it would write that in its own license file and never need the sandbox or receipt information.

I know of another app that follows the same method you do. I purchased Kaleidoscope ( on App Store, and then downloaded the non-App Store version. After the first launch, it detected the purchase receipt, wrote it down in the prefs file and then I completely deleted every trace of the App Store version.

Do you think something similar would be possible for Folding Text? I’m curious, is there anything stopping you from generating a license on-the-fly when you detect the MAS version?

This doesn’t seem like a critical issue, please take your time. I’m really liking Folding Text at the moment.

Good idea, I’ll switch to copying in that license instead of just reading it.

Excellent, I’m glad to hear that.

Thank you Jesse for your help.