Brich 1.1.0 Dev Release


  • Added {Outline::importItem} API.
  • Added {Outline::observeSelection} API.
  • Added {OutlineEditorService.observeActiveEditor} API.
  • Added {OutlineEditorService.observeActiveEditorSelection} API.
  • Added API that fixes some problems in birch-markdown package.
  • Fixed edit link inserts link text if there’s an empty selection.
  • Fixed toggle formatting (Bold, Italic, etc) works with empty selection.
  • Fixed bug where consecutive formatting tags could be lost.
  • Fixed bug where cursor could jump to start of line in certain cases.

This download includes:

  1. Open docs/index.html for installation instructions and API docs. I think must open in Chrome or links don’t work because files don’t have extensions :frowning:.

  2. The birch-outline-editor folder contains the Birch outliner package that needs to be installed into Atom as describe in the docs.

  3. The Birch.bml file contains background and basic instructions for using the outliner. Open it in Atom once you’ve installed the Birch package and it should open as an outline.