Bug dragging text around

I am new to this program having just downloaded the trial yesterday but I think there may be a bug that affects dragging pieces of text around.

When I try to drag a selection to a different place in a document the whole document appears to drag with the cursor even though only the selection is actually moved and once I have dragged something a ghost of part of the document persists in the footer region by the word count for the rest of the session (see screen grab below).

Despite the moaning, this is a fantastic app that I will almost certainly purchase in any case!

Best wishes,

I’m trying out FoldingText as well, and noticed the same “ghosting”, and the fact that the word count also gets lost from time to time.

Resizing the window causes the display to refresh, temporarily fixing matters.

However, unlike the previous poster, I’m not going to buy the app.

That these problems have been there for a while, and not fixed is too much of a canary in a coal mine for me. There’s a lot of intriguing things with this app’s functionality, but I can’t be sure that the support will be there to justify buying the app.