Can FT line spacing be tweaked?

I’m wondering whether or not it’s possible to increase what seems to be Folding Text’s default line spacing.

I’ve used a number of text editors and was first intrigued by Folding Text while writing my doctoral dissertation. I’d like to use it more often but the default (?) line spacing (1.0?) is a little too close together for me. 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing would be ideal for me and my eyes.

I asked Jesse on Twitter whether or not line spacing was adjustable and he suggested something wasn’t right in the FT screenshot I posted (linked here).

Hope it’s just something I’ve missed as I’ve been getting better acquainted with FT.

It is possible, but (IMGDO) it’s harder than it should be.

In FoldingText, click on the File menu and select Open Application Folder. That will open a Finder window. Close FoldingText (may not be strictly necessary, but this didn’t work for me with FT open). Edit the ‘user.less’ file in another editor (TextEdit will do).

Add a line:

@lineHeight: @fontSize * 2.0;

Save and re-open FT. Should now be double spaced.

You can tinker with other settings while you’re in there; font face, size, background color, margins, etc. This is what I’m using:

// This is your user.less. Use it to override the default styling. When this
// file is first created all lines are commented out (start with //) and so it
// has no effect in the editor’s style.

// To change the font uncomment the following line:
@fontFamily: Menlo;

// To change the font size uncomment the following line:
@fontSize: 14pt;

// To change the line spacing, uncomment the following line and change
// the value as desired.
@lineHeight: @fontSize * 1.75;

// To change the left and right margins uncomment the following lines:
@paperLeftMargin: 20px;
@paperRightMargin: 20px;

// To change the base “ink” color (used for text) uncomment the following
// line:
//@inkColor: black;

// To change the base “paper” color (behind the text) uncomment the following
// line:
//@paperColor: white;
@paperColor: lightyellow;

// Color used to indicate something. Such as when mouse is over a link.
//@indicatedColor: blue;

Thanks. Much appreciated. This helped immensely.