Cannot Close File

I have opened a new file, I have not given it a name. I cut and pasted some text into it, closed my computer, then continued working. Now I cannot close it. Clicking the red X or selecting close file cause the program to pause for about 10 seconds, but then nothing happens. I am using OS 10.8.5.

It won’t let me quit FoldingText either.

Did you ever solve this? You can use the Activity Monitor app to for quite an application that’s frozen. As to the root cause… are you able to reproduce this problem?

No, I have not been able to solve it. I can reproduce it simply by opening a new file, not giving it a name, and then trying to close it.

Do you have any FoldingText plugins installed? If so remove them and see if that solves it. Otherwise I’m not sure, I can’t reproduce the behavior, but I’m using 10.11 so maybe that’s the difference.

No, I don’t have any plugins.