Can't focus on a heading starting with Task, most of the time

In FoldingText 2.0.2, when I focus a heading beginning with “Task”, instead of the content of that item, I only see the “…” indicating folded content. Yet, it behaves correctly if the heading immediately above contains the word “task” anywhere.

Surely that’s not normal? Searched forum but didn’t find any references.

Screenshots follow:

  1. Focusing on “Tasks for Today” fails:

  1. But:

If Tasks for today is conceptually a sub-heading under Overview then it needs to be a level two heading with two hashes.

(The filtering system assumes outline nesting by hashes or list item indents)

You will find that you can focus on the Tasks for Today subheading without difficulty if you mark it as a subheading by adding one more #

( Note also that you only need a .todo mode label on the parent line of the todo list)

I just tried and see the same thing, looks like a bug.

Internally “node paths” are used to control what’s visible and what’s filtered out. When you focus on an item FoldingText generates an appropriate node path to select that item and it’s contents.

Unfortunately in this case it’s generating an incorrect node path. It’s complicated but “Task” is also a keyword that means find all items of type “Task” and the method for generating the node path isn’t taking that into consideration.

I think now you’ll just have to use one of your above workarounds.

Also if you have time you might take a look at the in progress “FoldingText for Atom” project that I’m working on. I think it’s especially well suited to making task lists, and it’s also much clearer in the way that it implements focusing. (This particular type of bug would be impossible).

I certainly will look at it — I just discovered its existence while searching the forum for this issue. Is FoldingText for Atom going to supplant the main product, if I may ask? I’d be provisionally disappointed if so, since I’m very fond of the way FoldingText 2 looks and feels and the way it fits into my workflow. Of course I may change my mind once I’ve seen the Atom version.

(Also I recently settled on Sublime Text as my main text editor… but perhaps I’ll take yet another look at Atom.)

Thanks for the clarification, complexpoint — I’m not sure it sheds any light. And the .todo usage was just by way of example, it’s not representative of my actual usage. I didn’t want to use it in the heading that was misbehaving, so as not to obscure the cause.

Yes it will eventually. Though it’s not ready to do so yet.

I expect that the version of “FoldingText for Atom” that will replace the current FoldingText 2.0 will also be offered as a stand alone app. My goal is to keep “FoldingText for Atom” for users who want all the customization options (themes, keymaps, plugins, etc). Then have another stand along version that doesn’t offer all of these things, but also doesn’t require people to use Atom.