Codeblocks aren't formatted gray like code

In Folding Text 2.0, when I create a codeblock (e.g., from the menu), it doesn’t highlight the text in gray like it does when I format a line as code using backticks. Is this intentional, or a bug?

Hi, that’s intentional.

Instead the code block should be indicated with a gray vertical stripe to the left of the code block. I felt like gray background was a bit to much in for the “block” case, and that the gray stripe communicated the fact that it was a code block, but with less visual impact.

Of course you can modify your user.less to style it anyway you like. Here’s one approach:

.CodeMirror {
	.code-block-background {
		background: mix(@textColor, transparent, 10%);
		border-left: none;

For more control and options dig into FoldingText’s app bundle and look for markdown.less. That’s where all the default Markdown styling rules are that you can then override in your user.less as you see fit.