Collapse whole document 1 more level, or expand whole doc 1 more level

Collapse whole document more, and Expand whole document more

This plugin creates two keyboard shortcuts:

  • Collapse whole document one more level ⌘⌥-
  • Expand whole document one more level ⌘⌥+

(Not only hash headings, but also lists and sublists are folded and unfolded)


Whole document (headings and nested lists) collapsed/expanded to:

Level 3

Level 4

Level 2

Installation in FoldingText 2, or TaskPaper Dev 3

  • From the application’s main menu, choose File > Open Application Folder

  • Copy the Change document expansion level .ftplugin folder and its contents into the Plug-Ins sub-folder of the application folder

    • Copy the folder and contents from here
    • or extract from the FoldingText 2 plugins and scripts subfolder in this zip
  • Close and restart the application

    Note that you can adjust the keyboard assignment of plugins by editing their main.js file in a text editor, and adjusting the editor.addKeyMap section.

    Any modifier keys in the editor.addKeyMap section of main.js in the .ftplugin folder must be kept in the following order Shift-Cmd-Ctrl-Alt-