Compatibility with Yosemite

Apologies if this has been answered already but is FT v2.02 compatible with Yosemite as I am considering the upgrade within the next week or two.


I am running it on OS X 10.10 Yosemite and everything works great. I have not had one issue yet. My Mac Mini has been running all the pre-releases and has never shown a problem with FoldingText. Therefore, there is not worry there.

Great, thanks. Just waiting for iOS 8.1 to come out then hopefully try it out, after a backup or two!

The filter panel / panel module plugin does not appear for me after upgrading. The filter actually works, but I can’t see the entry field. If I switch to fullscreen after typing something, I can see what I’ve typed, but I still can’t see any changes I make to the text after that.

The keyboard move branch commands now don’t work under Yosemite. I think they are conflicting with accessibility commands for zooming.

Word count is now truncated and appears in the middle of the page instead of at the bottom:

Not to discount the experiences that are starting to queue up in this thread, but just to say these aren’t standard for all installs of FT on Yosemite. My word count is still anchored at the bottom of the page. My keyboard shortcuts for moving nodes up/down and indent/unindent are also working without any problems, and the filter seems fine. Is it worth reporting these issues with a little more detail about configs so to help Jesse track things down?

Also: @ephzero — what’s the plugin that’s powering the formatting in the #reference area in your screenshot!?

I just used the Styled Tags plugin, added some of my own, then created the reference section manually.

I just had another look at the word counts. It seems that they jump back to the bottom when entering fullscreen view, then disappear completely when exiting fullscreen.

And yes, of course, it could be a plugin or something causing this – I’ll try to test with a standard install if I have a bit of time.

Aha! Thought I recognised something about it. Thanks. Is your “recur” tag scripted for auto-recurrence in any way, or are you manually managing recurrence instances?

Just manually. Hasn’t been too much of a bother so far.

Aha, OK – I removed all of the plugins, then added back the filter and styled tag plugins. Now word count is in the right place again, and the filter query field has re-appeared. So those problems must have been a plugin after all. Sorry, don’t have time to figure out which one(s) – just going to go with this for now, since those are what I use most.

Happy to hear that’s been resolved!

Filter plugin no longer works in Yosemite. It seems to be a UI problem as the plugin works but once you press the keyboard shortcut, there is no filter window that appears.

Fresh install of Yosemite and FoldingText. Removing and copying plugins does not help.

Has this been fixed? I’m considering buying foldingText but without text filtering, it would be pretty useless to me. For the life of me, I don’t understand why text filtering à la Taskpaper or Workflowy isn’t built in to every writing app. As the biggest corporation in the world, Apple can afford to pay a couple of programmers to include it in basic textedit functionality. (Rant over)
In the meantime (ha!) I’d settle for the plug-in to work with FoldingText (or alternately for text folding to come to Taskpaper) But I just can’t get it to work in the ft demo or the Taskpaper 3 dev releases.

Not sure how appropriate it is for me to jump in and respond to this (I’m just another user) but if you’re referring to Jamie Kowalski’s filter plugin, the issues reported in this thread don’t seem to affect everyone. Probably doesn’t help you any, but I haven’t personally experienced any of the issues reported above.

I don’t think anyone’s reported any issues with the basic functionality of filtering on tags, so if that’s all you’re looking for, you shouldn’t have any worries.

Thanks for answering - I’m glad someone did. I was referring to the jamie kowalski plug-in. Has anyone figured out why it works for some and not for others? I’ve tried it on 3 different macs and it never works. In fact installing any plug-in seems to break FT on Yosemite - to the point where it’s unusable. I also asked on twitter yesterday - no responses so far. Filter search is more useful for me than just tag-filters: I have reams of notes I’m trying to reorganise and a usable FT should do the trick. At the moment Taskpaper 2 is OK, but I’d love to be able to fold.
I see now that the 50% “weekend” sale is now over, despite it still being the weekend - even the timer on two dollar Tuesday said it would last into today but is now at zero. Hmmm.
Thanks again JSLR…Anybody else? Jesse?

Not seeing that here – I assume that you have installed jmk_panel.ftplugin as well as filter.ftplugin ?


  • which build of FT ? (MAS or Paddle, distribution or Dev ?, Build No. ?)
  • Any errors showing for either plugin under FoldingText > Plugin-Manager (⌘,) ?
  • Have you downloaded the latest copy of JK’s repository ?

Thanks for answering. I carefully read this and related threads before posting; so AFAIK I’ve been doing this properly.

  1. Used the jmkpanel, latest depository
  2. only the dev and trial distributions - no MAS as I have not bought yet. (I might have chanced buying at 50% off before being sure and risked the MAS version working; but absent signs of life from Jesse I don’t find any of this too encouraging.)
  3. no errors as far as I know
    Now I’m reduced to testing on a guest account (as per Jesse’s earlier suggestion to someone else) A PITA frankly.
    You (complexpoint) seem to have addressed this before and I really appreciate it, but given the gravity of the issue shouldn’t Jesse address it directly and definitively before expecting us to buy?

Doesn’t appear to be a FoldingText issue – those are, or course, 3rd party plugins, which are supported by their authors – but I understand that Jesse is working on a major new release which will bring a new (standard Atom) plugin format.

If the current FT2 doesn’t meet your needs to the extent that you feel ready to pay for a license, it may be better to wait for the new architecture, which will bring extended querying (full XPath, and persistent ids for each line – very useful as link targets) as well as simpler and more powerful outlining.