Customizing syntax highlighting / Github Markdown strikethrough

Is there a way to customize syntax hiding? I used Jamie Kowalski’s Custom Markup plugin to add a strike-trough effect, but I’d like to hide the syntax.

Alternatively, including the strikethrough option of Github Flavored Markdown would be nice : D

There is, but it can get a little complex and confusing… Anyway if you want to dig into it your best bet is to look into the existing .less files that ship with FoldingText and see how the built in syntax hiding works. Then use that same technique in your own user.less styles.

The best starting point is to look in the app bundle for base.less and then look for the “Syntax Hiding” section.

Thanks, it worked, I’m a little surprised myself.

Sorry if I missed what I expect is an easy thing, but where can I change the @done tagging so it does not do a strikethrough.