Depth of folds configurable?

It appears that FoldingText has a limit of a max depth of 6 folds. I.e. entering 7 #'s does not add an additional folding level. The final # is apparently viewed as part of the text. Is that a hard limit, or can it be configured to support more folding levels (i.e. 8 in my case.)
If configurable, where would I set this configuration parameter?



The heading depth is taken from markdown, and is, unfortunately, not configurable.

Can I ask what the use case is for having headings with depth greater than 6?


mutahhir wrote: “Can I ask …” Sure. No problem. I am studying some object oriented code by documenting it, in which objects contain objects, that in turn contain arrays of more objects …
My intention was to duplicate the structure of the code in my documentation, whereby I was copying and pasting explanations from the user guide that document the different objects that occur in the code.
Thus, I can get an overview of what is going on at some folding level, by folding away the details, and then unfold some details, in order to dig deeper into a more detailed level of the explanation of that code.
That’s how I realized that the seventh # was not recognized as an additional fold.
No big deal.