Different formats between ft-files

Hey guys,

I am a new FoldingText user and just started to get to know more about the functions and possibilities of the tool. I think it’s quite easy to use - even for not markdown specialists.

After some hours of reading the instructions and the user guide I create my own document an there came the first questions/problem I couldn’t solve until now.

As you see on left of the screenshot (my file) there is a different format/alignment used like on the right (ft user guide) which makes the use much less comfortable. In your examples the text will automatically follow the alignment of the headline (that’s perfect). In my file the normal text starts at the first line under the markdown syntax - but why?

Any tips how I can fix the alignment problem? Is it just one click in the settings?

Thanks you.


I’m not sure why this is happing. Maybe a setting that I’m forgetting about, not sure. But please try the 2.0 dev version. It’s very close to release and is the version that I’m recommending all users use right now. It shouldn’t have this problem.

Yes, it works. Thank you for your quick feedback!