Does Folding Text use Projects List sidebar like Taskpaper does?

I am getting used to TaskPaper and I like it very much. FoldingText does not seem to have the projects sidebar, something that is critical to me as a visual organizing person. Have I Missed this feature and it is really there in Folding Text and I have just not seen it?

Jesse has said in the past that he was thinking about it, but thus far, no sidebar in FoldingText. Have a look at the following:

I will comment on that thread, thanks. FWIW, TaskPaper sat dormant on my drives until I discovered the Projects List. IT is a make it or break it item for me.

You can get a view of all the headings in a Folding Text document by choosing View > Focus Heading…

I find this does the same job as the Projects List in TaskPaper without the visual clutter of having a sidebar.

I respect that if it works for you. I have some learning disabilities and that way does not work for me. I need to see the Projects list on the side. In that way I can use it as an index. When I view the headers and have the capacity to drill down as you describe it is very problematic for me. I am a very, VERY visually oriented person. When I cannot see something, I cannot remember it and then, I cant work on it.

FairWittness was one of the first apps I purchased with my first Mac (llsi). It used the fold and unfold feature quite well, but it also had different views that the user could customize, In may ways that was one of my favorite programs that I have ever used, but neither FoldignTest nor TaskPaper will ever become that, sadly,

I need to have a Projects list or FoldingText will not work for me… Fortunaly, TaskPaper is working this way now and I am able to stay productive. Curious to see what gets developed for the new and improved version of TaskPaper and how TaskPaper and FoldingText will continue to be differentiated?