Dragging and dropping of links into FT isn't working


I’m a big fan of FT and have been using it for many years. One of the things I use a lot is the ability to drag and drop links to files, emails, etc into FT. Unfortunately, over the year-end holidays, this feature seems to have stopped working. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the upgrade to 2.1.1.

Here are the symptoms. When I drag an email or a file into FT, it usually pastes a link to the email or file into the text. As of this morning, it does nothing. No link. Nothing.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to reinstall 2.1.1? Is it a bug?

Thanks for your help,

P.S. I’m using FT Version 2.1.1 (761).

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll investigate this and update you.

d&d of urls (type: text) works,
but dragging non-text objects, files (ex: from the finder), images from the web, links in emails or whole emails from a sidebar doesn’t work

Drag and drop of urls is not working for me in 2.1.1. On a Mac, Yosemite, with Chrome or Safari. When I grab the icon at the head of a location in the browser it does not drag the url to FT. The plus sign appears, but nothing happens. I was able to revert to 2.1 and the drag and drop does work with that version.

Hi all,

I’ve managed to fix this bug and will be released with the next FoldingText update. :tada:


Thanks much!

I’ve reverted to 2.1 for the time being. I’ll look forward to the next update.

All the best in the New Year,

Great. When is the next update with the fixed drag & drop? FT is my go-to tool for project management, and drag and drop links to emails, files, etc. is probably one of the most important features for me. So I am keen to see that working again. All the best, Tom.


Sorry for the delay on this. It should be soon, but I can’t say when exactly will the next update be released.


Evaluating TP3. Would be totally useless to me w/o the capability to link emails, webpages, notes, etc. Our online life have so many sources that is unthinkable to manage tasks w/o linking them. TP3 release will include this functionality?

For FT: @complexpoint put together a script that grabs links from selected emails, which can be triggered via a keyboard shortcut. I’ve also tweaked that script to grab links from other sources— Safari, Evernote classic links and more. I’m on the road right now so won’t be able to signpost the original script, though you can probably find it with a little searching here on the forum, and I’d be happy to follow-up later if it would be useful…

The drag drop issue should be resolved in the latest build of FT 2.2 Dev out in a day or two