Error on case-sensitive file system

I am using a HFS+ case-sensitive partition. When attempting to use “Run Editor” from the Software Development Kit, I get:

[Error] Failed to load resource: The requested URL was not found on this server. (queryParameter.js, line 0)
[Error] Error: Script error for: ft/util/queryParameter
defaultOnError (require.js, line 141)
onError (require.js, line 537)
onScriptError (require.js, line 1681)

The file actually is named “queryparameter.js.” Note that renaming the file results in the opposite error, so I assume it’s referenced both ways in the code.

Thanks, I’ve fixed this case for the next release.

Can you give this dev release a try and see if it works. I think I fixed the particular problem you reported. But it could be that there are others… I didn’t switch my own filesystem to case sensitive, so it’s not tested.