Export to a common document type

Many times I type our proposals and other documents that most would use Microsoft word for, the benefits is that everyone can open a word doc and not everyone can open a folding text document.

The typical process is to type in FT, paste into word or an email, fix up format, then send.

Would be amazing to export a FT doc to pdf or a property indented word document. Even markdown would be nice.

May be worth looking at this:


FoldingText files are just plain text files… they have a different file extension, but they can be opened in any text editor. They are also formatted using Markdown formatting for everything except specialized modes such as todo and timer. So in many cases your publishing path can go:

  1. Write and edit in FoldingText

  2. Export for sharing using Markdown processor

    • FoldingText has a build-in basic markdown to HTML processor. Select the text that you want converted to HTML and then choose Edit > Copy As HTML. You can then paste that HTML where you want.

    • You can also copy as rich text using Edit > Copy As Rich Text. This isn’t perfect and won’t get all syntaxes that FoldingText can highlight. But it should work well for many “standard” documents that you might otherwise write in MS Word.

    • For more sophisticated export you can use an app like Marked. It will give you a preview as you editor your document in FoldingText. And it can export using a number of different themes and to a number of different formats.

    • For even more control there are publishing systems such as Pandoc (used by @complexpoint’s script above ) that support Markdown input and can publish to many different formats.

If you need to export FoldingText modes (timer and todo) there aren’t as many options. Those modes are really design for personal productivity, not publishing. But if you do need a “hard copy” you can print from within FoldingText, or for a more process result (without seeing all syntax characters) you can try this FoldingText to web workflow.