Feature request: sidebar

would love (really need) a sidebar to help in navigating and folding/unfolding in loooong documents.
something along the lines of the taskpaper sidebar would be enough; ie 1st or even 2nd levels are enough to navigate most docs.
imo a sidebar is the best option, but it could also be a dropdown (or up) in a header toolbar, or in the footer; in any case, a keyboard shortcut to show/hide the widget would also be very welcome.

thanks for considering this!!


This is indeed a nice idea, and something I’ve been thinking about too. I can’t say when and if we’ll do this, but thanks for writing in about it.


There is actually a dropdown for that.
Isn’t View > Focus Heading... what you are hoping for ?
From there, typing first letter of the heading and arrow keys will speed up navigation.
Hit Enter and you’r there.
View > Show All (Cmd-Shift-A) to get back to the entire document.
Extremely handy IMHO. I use it all the time.
It is mapped Cmd-Option-U on my system but I can’t tell if it is from some plugin…
View > Focus Tags... (Cmd-Ctrl-U) is also quite useful.
In fact, those are two of the features that keep me on FT.

yes, view->focus heading is almost what i need.
but this command is about “hoisting” ie hiding all except the selected heading, very useful for focusing; but a navigation sidebar doesn’t hide/reveal anything, it simply constantly shows the document outline and allows you to jump around.

let’s say that half the work is already done, it just needs a sidebar view and the jumping-to without hiding the rest :wink:


Check out the new Outline View in FoldingText 2.2 Dev. :smile:



looks good!

of course at first it takes a few seconds to realize that it’s a modal view, ie it sits on top of the actual document, it’s live and one can go one working, but it sits in the way.
eh, maybe it’s the price to pay for you having implemented it :wink:

maybe a slight bug…
you know how it switches transparency on hover?
that behaviour stops if one resizes the panel/view/sidebar (whatever you call it), and showing/hiding the view doesn’t restore the hover behaviour; one needs to close & reopen the doc for that.
btw the resize handle, if it’s meant to be operational, is really narrow, like 1 pixel.

all in all, i like it.
especially that you’ve included the modes.
and i’ll stop this reply before i go on requesting even more awesome features for it!

thanks & keep up the good work

Hi @nader,

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

I’ve fixed out a few things now:

  • The outline view is moved outside the document, so it’s on the left, and there is no overlap. When open, it will reduce the editing area, but from my tests, it looks ok.
  • Fixes to the sizing issue
  • Thicker sizer

Hopefully you should see the above in the final release.

Thanks again!


those are Great™ News!
can’t wait for the final release

(if you need further debug-help, just ask)

nader k