File Navigation/Search

So, FoldingText is definitely my favorite Markdown-centric text “handler”. I love it!!!
Now, I’d love to see a file tree navigation merged into it so it can become my ‘de facto’ note/draft editor… In my head, I see something like a merged version of Notefile’s note handling UI, with filesystem support (like NotationalVelocity: point it at a folder and it sorts/searches/manages all the files in that folder) and FoldingText’s text handling and Markdown magic…

How hard could that be? :wink: #prettyplease

Folder/File tree would also be valuable for people who use FoldingText for longform writing and keep track of different files on a folder… :slight_smile:

My thinking on this has always been YES (cause I’d like it too) but other things are always at a higher priority. Still same story, but with a very little bit of mental progress.

I’ve been looking at open source JavaScript text editor projects such as Brackets and Atom. They provide a lot of infrastructure that would be really nice to reuse in FoldingText. In particular:

  • File management
  • Extension management (updating, browsing, really nice)

They also do lots of things I’m not so interested in for an app like FoldingText. So using them wouldn’t mean just writing a “foldingtext” mode. It would mean forking and ripping out lots of parts I don’t want, adding my own new parts, etc. It is a big job.

My thinking right now is that I’ll get the next versions of FoldingText/TaskPaper/WriteRoom out. And then after that reevaluate and maybe the next big project will be to move the apps to one of those codebases. But until then I’d unlikely anything will happen on this front.

That’s great news! Let me know how I can help.

Regarding those JS editors, I do hope you keep FoldingText’s core and simply add “pieces” of them (vs putting FT into the core of one of those editors’ codebase)… :slight_smile:

I have long been hoping something like TextMate 1’s project drawer would eventually make an appearance. Searchable via project-level find, right-click to create a new document, etc. So, I definitely vote for this. It would greatly increase the usefulness of the program for me, as it would mimic the workflow I’m used to in TextMate (where I spend most of my time) and eliminate the need for several other pieces of software I’m (unhappily) using currently.

+1 for file browser support. This would be a huge improvement and opens FT and TP for a big number of new use cases.


Just ran into this:
It’s a markdown editing app with a nicely integrated file browser.

I just discovered that swiping down with four fingers displays a list of the most recently accessed files in FoldingText. Hoping this is enough to hold me over until a native file browsing experience is added.

A possible caution about that app:

More and more I need this!! I’ve tried every OS X app under the sun and none fit my workflow as well as FoldingText… I just wish there was a sidebar (akin to iA Writer’s) to quickly navigate through a folder structure (which I can place on my Dropbox or iCloud Drive and use Editorial as FT’s iOS counterpart)…

Honestly, this can’t be that hard… :’( <3

PS: sorry for the necro! :grimacing: