First line of pandoc frontmatter is centered

Most of the files I edit with Foldingtext are markdown-formatted and use Pandoc frontmatter. The first line of the frontmatter is 3 dashes “—”. This first line is always centered (see attached) rather than left-aligned like everything else. Any way to stop this?

If I put any other character before the dashes, the line immediately becomes aligned left, which is what I’d prefer.

This is obviously only a minor cosmetic issue but I thought I’d mention it.


Hi, that’s happening because that’s the syntax for horizontal rules in Markdown. And I have a style rule that centers those lines. To change that behavior you can add this new style rule to your user.less file:

.CodeMirror {
  .cm-horizontalrule {
    text-align: left;

Well that was easy :smile:

All fixed, thanks!