FoldingText 2.0 is a free upgrade

Great work!

However, I have a small question about what you said:

This version is sold through paddle, but if you already own and run the App Store version once then you shouldn’t be asked to buy again.

I suppose you talk about the 2.0? I run the 1.0 (bought on the App Store) and it ask me for a licence.
Or maybe I’ll need to buy a new licence for this version?

No it should work with 1.0 or 2.0 bought from the Mac App Store. In version 1.0 can you do File > Open Plugins Folder. And then go to the containing folder. And inside that folder do you see a “Receipts” folder with a file that’s named similar to “00/1F/5B/38/A0/6C”?

I just checked and this folder in empty on my computer.

I may delete everything and see if it works, but if you want to try to change something (to catch this special case) it might be better that I leave my conf as it. You tell me :slight_smile:

No, go ahead and delete. No way I can change 1.x release stuff at this point anyway.

I deleted

  • Library/Application Support/FoldingText
  • Library/Containers/com.foldingtext.FoldingText
  • Library/Preferences/com.foldingtext.paddle.FoldingText.plist

and retry (starting 1.0 then 2.0 and the opposite): nothing changed.

I realized that my original (1.0) wasn’t linked to the App Store (I don’t know why) so I suspect it may be the origin of my problem. I reinstalled it from the App Store, re-deleted previous folders and restarted… same problem.

Sorry, I didn’t understood what you said: I checked the 1.0 Plugins Folder and saw the file you talk about!

Continuing the discussion from FoldingText 2.0 release (almost):

FoldingText 2.0 is a free upgrade for all FoldingText 1.x users.

FoldingText 1.x was only sold through the Mac App Store. When version 2.0 is approved by Apple the update should be marked as free and you can just update.

The upgrade situation is slightly complicated by the fact that FoldingText 2.0 will also be sold through Generally exact same app with exact same update schedule. But a few differences:

  1. Paddle version won’t be Sandboxed (should work on 10.7 as result)

  2. Paddle version won’t support iCloud (that’s only for Mac App Store apps)

  3. Different application identifier… this is so people who download demo from paddle can purchase from Mac App Store without having to fully delete demo. Also I’m not sure how having two apps with same id (but one sandboxed and one not) will behave. So just being safe and using different app id.

It’s my intention that if you purchase the Mac App Store version then you can download and use the full paddle version without having to purchase a new license. This works by:

  1. Run the Mac App Store version of FoldingText on your computer once.

  2. It should copy its receipt file to a path similar to this: (this is from my computer) )

     /Users/jesse/Library/Containers/com.foldingtext.FoldingText/Data/Library/Application\ Support/FoldingText/Receipts/00\:1F\:5B\:38\:A0\:6C
  3. The paddle version of the app will look for that receipt and validate against it on launch. If it’s valid then it should run without asking you to purchase a license.

If it’s not working right lets use this thread to figure out the problem.

Odd, that doesn’t sound right. I just deleted all my copies of FoldingText and did a 1.x install from the App Store. Launched it once. And now see a my receipt file at this path:

/Users/jesse/Library/Containers/com.foldingtext.FoldingText/Data/Library/Application\ Support/FoldingText/Receipts/00\:1F\:5B\:38\:A0\:6C

You see that in the plugins folder? Can you give me exact path for the receipt file?

Sorry I was confusing, here the complete path of the file:

/Users/evo/Library/Containers/com.foldingtext.FoldingText/Data/Library/Application\ Support/FoldingText/Receipts/14:10:9F:D7:C5:B7

So it’s not in the Plugins directory but in the Container, so in a total different places than the 2.0’s Plugins folder, which is in

/Users/evo/Library/Application\ Support/FoldingText/Plug-Ins

That’s the difference I meant by “I checked the 1.0 Plugins Folder.”

So I have the receipt file created by FoldingText 1.0, but the 2.0 (the .dmg you linked in foldingtext-2-0-release-almost still displays the licence popup.

And I was looking in wrong place for this problem. Looks like receipt location is all working. Just my logic on when to show license screen for the new paddle stuff is wrong, will fix in next release.

Good news :slight_smile:

Thank you, and kudos for your reactivity!

This should be working in latest version of the 2.0 release.

I confirm, it’s working, thank you very much!

Just to clarify a few things.
If I buy the Mac App Store version, I can revert to the Puddle version later at no extra cost?
My preference is to use the Puddle version just because of the sandboxing. I use Dropbox for syncing files currently, but can’t guarantee I won’t use iCloud in the future. The option to switch to iCould without having to purchase the app over again would be nice. Sounds like buying the App Store version keeps me with the most flexibility.

I know my knee jerk reaction to preferring non-App Store vendors is in part due to the limitation’s of Sandboxing, which I don’t fully understand. Outside of not being able to use FT on 10.7, what other trade off’s are there for sandboxing the application?

Yes, I think everything you’ve said there is correct.

Depends on the app. In the case of FoldingText their really shouldn’t be many problems differences. But the sandbox just adds and extra level of complexity and (as in case of 10.7 support) introduces some bugs (probably on our end) that must be worked around. For an app like FoldingText the sandbox shouldn’t be that limiting in theory, though in practice it can make development harder and expose some bugs.

Hi Jesse -
I purchased FoldingText v1 via MAS … I would like to upgrade to v2 via the non-MAS version, but only v2.0 has properly identified my existing MAS version. v2.01 and v2.02 both prompt the Paddle “7-day trial prompt”.
Any thoughts?
Thanks so much,
Matt C.

This seems to still be working for me. Can you try running the latest version from the Mac app store again? That step is required to create a receipt that the non MAS one can validate against. So do that, then try to run the non MAS version again?

This doesn’t work for me either. I just tried the above steps and the show license still shows a 7 day trial. I do have the receipt for the MAS version in the appropriate location.

Can you try:

  1. Run Mac App Store version.

  2. Choose File > Open Application Folder

  3. Verify that the folder contains a “Receipts” folder and inside that folder is a file named similar to “00/1D/5A/35/A0/6C”.

  4. And assuming that all exists what is the full path to that “Receipts” folder?

There is a receipts folder with a file in it. The full path is:

/Users/robert/Library/Containers/com.foldingtext.FoldingText/Data/Library/Application Support/FoldingText/Receipts