FoldingText 2.0 release (resubmit 1)

I just resubmitted the 2.0 release and have included the updated direct download version here. The changes were all pretty minor, but I’ve been moving content from the main static website to these forums… and that broke some of the links from the app, so I figured a resubmit was necessary. Other changes include:

  • Improved word count to ignore non-words such as headings leading #
  • Removed “Full Screen Single” since that’s the default OS X behavior now
  • Fixed problems recognizing/finding Mac App Store license when running direct download version. The intention is that if you buy (and run) Mac App Store then you should be able to run direct download version without seeing any request to register. That should be working now.

Download FoldingText

I do like the “Full Screen Single” function, since it allows for a distraction-free view while also allowing easy Command-Tab switching to something else (dictionary, reference material, etc). Of course, it does add complexity to the menus, so don’t add it back on my request alone. That said, you could perhaps add a defaults command to switch the full screen behavior (I remember that Byword does this).

I can still Command-Tab to switch between apps in the OS X standard fullscreen… but there is an animation which makes the change feel a bit slower. Is that animation what you are talking about?

  • Good job on the word count
  • Does not prompt me for trial any more either :smiley:
  • I think removal of Full Screen Single makes sense, until you can make it full distraction free by blanking / blacking out second display

Yes, it’s mainly the slow animations that prevent me from using the built-in fullscreen (with any app).

Ok, I see your point, but I think I’m just going to leave as is now. I don’t think the benifit is worth the extra complexity, especially after finding out about that bug where the top menu wouldn’t come back in fullscreen single.

Hi Jesse,

Glad to see you you’re getting close to an official release. The UX behaviours we’ve discussed in the past seem to have been nailed in the main and the presentation layer has come together nicely.

The documentation is very solid although I would suggest a learning path to be highlighted in to intro section of the ‘User’s Guide’ that’s loosely structured as follows

  1. Get the most out of the FT editor (and it’s markdown features)
  2. Learn about the task management features (the stuff you refer to as productivity)
  3. Explore the ‘Node Path’ functionality
  4. Explore the SDK and how to personalise FT through scripts, plugins & themes
    4.a The SDK dumps you in at the deep end and I’d suggest it should also contain an intro section that first directs users to the tutorial section and the user.less tutorial in particular as this is the simplest way to get into personalising the FT experience.

I can also confirm that the non sandboxed version does not work on Lion. I removed all traces of 1.22 first to test this latest 2.0 beta on 10.7.5 too (just in case there were any clashes in the background), but the editor window still contains no text.

Really hope you can nail the 10.7 issue as I think it;s important for an application like FT to offer backwards compatibility considering the central tenet of the application is ‘plain text productivity’ and outside of the sandboxed environment it provides no layers of functionality that require the latest OS X flavours.



Are the error logs the same this time? I “think” they should be different, can you send the new ones?

Jesse, sent you the log in the other 10.7 related thread.