FoldingText 2.1.1 released

Hi everyone,

FoldingText 2.1.1 is out on all the stores!

I’m just going to reference the dev release post here:

The biggest one that we hope you notice is going to be FoldingText's scrolling and editing performance. If you notice anything different or weird going on, please leave a comment or even better create an issue here.

Other noticeable change includes the new Calc mode. It now works within lists and ignores list syntax. We’ve also disabled syntax hiding for the calc mode, so it no longer shows 2 *34* 5 as 2 34 5.

Although we have tried to get to the bottom of the todo item checkboxes being shown as sheet music glyps. If this release still doesn’t resolve your issue, please uninstall (and re-install) the Source Code Pro front on your systems. We’ve bundled the latest release of the font in FoldingText, and updating your installed fonts to match this version should help with this issue.

Enjoy and happy holidays!


Is there anybody using FoldingText on El Capitan? I am experiencing a printing issue. When I pressed command+P, nothing shows up. I am using 2.1.1 Dev (761) and two El Capitan machines gave me the same issue, while my friend who is using the same version on Yosemite didn’t have such a printing issue.


I’m on El Capitan and running FoldingText 2.1.1 release. It is printing fine for me.

Thank you for your reply.
This is interesting. Did you fresh install El Captian, or upgrade? I both upgraded OS X machines from yosemite.

using el capitan and ft 2.1.1, no problem printing, and it’s a mac that has been non-stop updated since 2011 or so, never-ever a clean install.

Upgrade as normal. I did not do a clean install.

Thank you all for your kind replies.

I attached snapshot from Console and as you can see I am getting Assertion failure when I try to print. Any suggestion? Thanks.

Hi @kaien,

Thank you for the screenshots. However, I also can’t replicate it on my El Capitan machine. :disappointed:

Maybe you can try deleting FoldingText and reinstalling it afresh?


Thanks, but it didn’t work. (sigh)