FoldingText 2.1 Dev (749)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for supporting FoldingText. I started this project with Jesse back when it was just an idea in his head. I had a lot of fun developing it and it is still one of the nicest things I have had a hand in building. That’s why it’s my pleasure to get back into maintaining and supporting Foldingtext. However, for now it will be a side project for me.

In this release:

  • Fixed Show All
  • Added View > Open Link
  • Added .calc mode
  • Added .stopwatch mode
  • Renamed .time mode to .schedule
  • Added Focus Out menu item
  • Added support for smart pairs: (), {}, etc.
  • Added “soundName” option when displaying notifications
  • Convert to list better handles level 0 body text
  • Control-Return inserts line separator
  • Added bottom padding and typewriter scrolling options to code. Not yet exposed in UI
  • Hold down Command when clicking on tag to include tag descendants in results
  • Space after snippet text will now expand the snippet. Use Option-Space to escape that behavior
  • Added logging of path used to check licensing
  • Added DefaultItalicSyntaxChar and DefaultBoldSyntaxChar options
  • Don’t show “Show License” menu item if not activated
  • Documented clockTick as a public extension point
  • Fixed Clicking on Node path links
  • Fixed limit smart pairs to (),[], {}, and “”
  • Copy License key into paddle version of the app
  • Fixed parsing of web links containing underscores
  • Fixed crash when node path contained empty string //""
  • Try harder to open a file with an unknown plain text encoding
  • Fixed crash when generating placeholder for special chars
  • Fixed problem where .schedule would run after closing document
  • Fold nodes command updated handle empty node at top of selection case better
  • Added MultiMarkdown processor for Copy as (RTF, HTML, LaTex) conversions. End results is the Edit > Copy as options all work much better now
  • Fixed escape key removes multiple cursors if used instead of doing autocomplete

Although I haven’t contributed much to this release, it is going to be a base on which I will help improve it. Please do point out bugs that you notice and I’ll try my best to fix them in a timely fashion.

Note: Also, I just created an empty repository at Github to track and handle bug reports. The forum is a great place to converse and discuss issues, but posting issues on Github will let me manage and prioritize them better.

Please post all issues on the github repository. Thanks!

Tnx for the new dev update!

I have on my Macbook Pro Retina OSX 10.10.4 and FoldingText Version 2.1 Dev (749) the following issue:
When scrolling up/down the lines on the bottom of the screen gets a slightly larger line-height and a more grayed color c.q. a lighter font-weight. The behavior is not smooth and seems like not to intended to be like that :wink:

Hope you can fix this!


here a video

Thanks for the bug report and video. I can replicate this on my end (good eye!).

Also, do you think you can create an issue about this here? Thanks!

Thanks, @Mutahhir_Ali !

Do we have documentation or examples posted anywhere for the .schedule mode?

This looks to be a work in progress that I never finished or documented.

“.timer” mode from version 2.0 was renamed to “.schedule”.

That was to make room for a “.timer” mode that worked like a simple stopwatch timer. That needs more documentation or need to just revert that change. I’ll let Mutahhir decide!


Thanks @Mutahhir_Ali!

Really excited to see this version of FT moving forward.

Note on schedule mode: doesn’t seem to track time (highlight on time label doesn’t move on down the schedule as time progresses) or fire notifications for me. Other than that, schedule displays correctly. Any chance I’ve missed something obvious?

Really glad to see FT is moving forward with fresh energies, although I admit that learning it’ll be a side project – at least for the time being – is a bit scary.
Hope you and Jesse will find all the necessary incentive – both in terms of sales and community – to give FT a long life; I did my part, I just recently bought it :slight_smile:

But, let me get to the point; 2 questions:

  • Any idea when the production version of FT 2.1 will be released (and thus will be available via the in-app update menu)?
  • Will 2.1 bring significative changes to the CSS? I built a pretty elaborate theme and I don’t want to lose it/rebuild it.

Awesome @Mutahhir_Ali any chance you could revisit this idea for FT2.1?

Thanks for support FoldingText! We really appreciate that!

Regarding the two questions:

  • I can’t say exactly when 2.1 will hit production, but there’ll be another dev release with some fixes and we’ll continue from there.
  • I don’t think there are any significant changes to CSS in 2.1, but feel free to give the dev version a try and let me know if your theme encounters any issue.


Thank you for bringing this up Adam, but I’m afraid I’m not really sure about this right now. In terms of my short term goals, I want to get re-famililarized with FT’s internals (it’s been a while :slight_smile: ) and get into a cycle of releasing regular updates to it, fixing issues and making small improvements over a period of time. Once I think that I’ve achieved that goal, I’ll really start looking into ‘features’ and things that FoldingText can do in the future.

Please let me know if I misunderstood your question and if this was a bug, not a feature, can you post details here?


Ok, I’ll let you know if I’ll encounter any problems with CSS.


Dev version expired :frowning:

Still getting things in order for final release, but here’s a link to the final 2.1 binary: