FoldingText for Atom – 0.3.0


  • You can now encode search, hoisted, expansion, and selection state in URL query parameters appended to the end of the paths that you open in Atom.

  • Edit > Copy Path now encodes search and hoist state as URL query parameters appended to the end of the path.

  • Changed to em sizing. You can now size the entire outline with:

      ft-outline-editor {
        font-size: 16px;
  • Fixed Command-F to focus search field in both outline and text modes

  • Fix error loading on case sensitive file systems.

  • Fixed fully expand/collapse keyboard shortcut.

Here are the Installation instructions for FoldingText for Atom.

I’ve also updated the users guide with more details on how to use Path Query Parameters.

The URL queries and Edit > Copy Path are excellent. Thank you.

Not sure if this is a thought for an extension of copyPathToClipboard() or for a sibling `copyBookmarkToClipboard(), but even in cases where there is not hoisting or filtering, it might be useful to simply be able to copy to clipboard a query just for the current selection (list of ids).

Note the latest Atom update (0.202.0) breaks FoldingText for Atom. I’m tracking the issue here and expect to have it fixed soon: