FoldingText for Atom – 0.4.4

These last few point releases were mostly bug fixes trying to get things working correctly on Windows/Linux. There are probably still some keybindings issues (please report, I’m not very familiar with how things should work on those platforms), but I think overall FoldingText for Atom now works on Windows, and I expect it works on Linux though I’ve done no testing.

0.4.1 – 0.4.4

  • Fixed Windows/Linux keybindings.
  • Fixed opening of outline files on Windows.
  • Renamed data-level to data-depth (for styling UI)
  • Select all now does the simple thing and … selects all!
  • Fixed syntax highlighting in the item path search field (really!)

Here are the Installation instructions for FoldingText for Atom.

I have noticed that FTA is not using the Atom spell check, so you cant see if something is spelt wrong.

I"m tracking this here:

cool is it best to add issues to github such as this in the future and use this forum for discussion of ideas ?

Yeah, either is OK, but things that I “really will try to do” are tracked on github. Here is good if you think the idea needs some conversation first.

great cool had a weird bug earlier when I could not scroll to the top of the document, latest atom latest FTA. Did screen record it at work but gif link is on recordit there now (dont know if it would help mind)

When you get a chance please post an issue for that with the screen record link. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get very far without being able to reproduce it, but maybe I’ll spot something in the video.