FoldingText for Atom – 0.7.0

  • Adds context menu items for opening, copying, editing, and removing links.
  • Fixes some cases where pasting text would create a link.
  • Fixes (maybe) installing on windows… please let me know! :slight_smile:
  • Fixes bad links created when dragging a file from desktop into an outline.

Here are the Installation instructions for FoldingText for Atom.

Windows install worked just fine for 7.0, even considering I’ve made a hash of my .atom directory trying to figure out a way of manually adding an older version of Folding Text.

It’s a bit tricky to do a complete uninstall of Atom on Window.


Thanks for testing and good to hear that it works now. If you have a chance please test out linking between outlines. That requires a bit of file path code that I haven’t tested well for windows.

Will do. I’ll try that tonight and let you know.

I couldn’t get the linking within files or between files working on Windows with Atom 1.0 and FT3 0.7.0. Drag and drop works fine but I couldn’t create a link using any key modifier (ctrl, alt, shift, Windows) when dropping.

It all works fine in OS X.

When in Windows I can follow a link created in OS X and it opens the right file but the file is blank … though I can open the file properly from the menu and it displays fine. The path finds the right file but seems to append a * to the end of the file name in Windows.

I didn’t have much time to experiment with it yet. I’ll dig in a bit more over the weekend and get some more useful information.