FoldingText for Atom: line height?

I can’t seem to adjust the line height in outline mode, but I’m sure I’m doing it wrong.

I’ve tried all of the following (in styles.less):

.editor { line-height: 1.15; }
.ft-outline-editor { line-height: 1.15; }
.outline-editor { line-height: 1.15; }



Line height is a bit tricky to change from Atom’s “Open Your Stylesheet” stylesheet. The problem is that it’s defined as a LESS variable and I don’t think there’s anyway to override LESS variables in one package’s styles from your Atom stylesheet.

So you have two options:

  1. Look through Atom’s styles and override each place where that variable is used in a new rule that you add to your own stylesheet. Pain in the neck.

  2. Or edit FoldingText for Atom’s package styles directly. Easy, but then your changes will get erased on next update. Anyway to do this you would:

  3. Go to foldingtext-for-atom’s package settings from Atom’s settings pane.

  4. Click the “view code” button to open the foldingtext-for-atom code in Atom.

  5. Browse to foldingtext-for-atom/styles/editor/variables.less

  6. Change the value of ft-line-height. Save. Reload Atom windows. And then when you create an outline you should see it using the new line hight.