FoldingText for Atom Roadmap July 2015

FoldingText for Atom was originally supposed to replace FoldingText 2.0. This is no longer the plan, instead Mutahhir is taking over FoldingText 2.0 development and I’ll continue with FoldingText for Atom… which will eventually be renamed and moved to a separate forum.

The releases have slowed recently as I’ve been working in an experimental branch to “make it work more like a text editor”. I’ve tried a number of approaches, but right now the most promising seems to be trying to map my model layer to an existing text editor.

So your interface to the outline will be though a standard text editor (such as Atom’s editor, or a Cocoa TextView). This is more how the current FoldingText 2.0 works, except what I’m working will still be much more outliner and not use markdown syntax. So far some parts of the implementation are a lot simpler then FoldingText 2.0 and some are quite a bit harder. I’m not done yet, but that’s the goal. Map FoldingText for Atom to a text buffer.

If I can get that done, then I can cut down on the surface area of what I’m trying to do quite a bit. I no longer need to build the entire UI, I just need to enhance and existing text editor UI. The underlying data model stays the same in this scenario, I’m just talking about the UI for editing it.

In this first implementation I’m trying to map to Atom’s native text editor. If that works out then I’ll probably next try to map to a NSTextView so I can create a native lighter weight editing experience for Mac users. Atom will be the cross platform hackable version. The Cocoa version will be just and editor, no API.

Mixed into this, I’m also thinking about the next version of TaskPaper as I’m doing this work. The next version of TaskPaper will reuse lots of this code. It may be that once I get the basic Outline to text mapping working I’ll diverge and work on getting the next TaskPaper up an running with it first, before I work on more generic outlining stuff.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at as of 12:19 today!

im pleased to her FTA will not replace FT2 as I feel FT2 has plenty of potential. Might just be me but who is Mutahhir? and what plans are there for FT2 ? I would mainly like to see the ability to work with Papers 3 & magic citations but that is a personal thing :smile:

Mutahhir! Well as far as FoldingText he is…

Dates might be wrong, but something like. Mutahhir started working on Hog Bay Software stuff full time in early 2011 and continued (along with Grey and Young Hoo for about 3 years until we ran out of money to support us all). These days Hog Bay Software is just me again. In that time Mutahhir spent the majority of his time working with me on on what became FoldingText 1.0. The big point being that he’s been more involved in the codebase then anyone other then me. That’s why I asked him first when I decided it would be best to continue the current FoldingText.

Ah ha ! I thought everyone had gone :slight_smile: sounds great