FoldingText gets slightly confused about highlighting URLs

Using FoldingText Version 2.2 (770), Mac App Store version.

If I create documents with URLs that don’t end with a trailing slash, only part of the URL will be highlighted in blue when I hover over it, although clicking always takes me to the correct page.

I haven’t quite worked out what’s going on, but I have a few examples.

  • Create a new document with the following text:

      This found a bug in hyper!

    The 141 is highlighted separately from the rest of the URL.

  • Add a trailing slash:

      This found a bug in hyper!

    Now the 141 is highlighted with the main URL, but the trailing slash isn’t.

  • Add some more text:

      This found a bug in hyper!
      Here is another issue:

    Now the first URL is highlighted correctly, but the 142 in the second URL isn’t.


Thank you for the report. I can’t seem to be able to reproduce this on my end, maybe you can send me a screenshot so I can see what’s going on? For me, typing the url you mentioned (along with the examples) works as I would expect.