FoldingText license: per user or per computer?


I’ve been using FoldingText for quite some time now, mostly on my laptop, even though I have two computers (laptop and desktop).
I recently launched FT on the desktop (after the latest upgrade I believe) and it asked for a license, so I entered my license. Now the version on my laptop won’t run because it says the license is already utilized.

Which brings me to wonder: are the licenses for FoldingText per user or per computer? And is there a limit of devices you can use with 1 license?

If it’s a license per computer, is there a way to revoke the license for a computer, so I can use my license on the other computer?

Sorry if I missed that info… I couldn’t remember if I was using FoldingText on both computers before the update, or if I was just using FoldingText on my laptop all the time.


The intention is that they are per computer if multiple people are using the app on the computer (school or work type situation) or per user if only a single user is using them. There is an activation limit, but I’ll up your allowed activations if you run into (need to eventually add UI for deactivating computer). Anyway please email me ( your order number of email that you used when ordering and I’ll up your activation count.

Hi Jesse, thanks so much for the quick reply!

I realized after posting my message that I was actually syncing the FoldingText folder (with user.less and the Plug-Ins folder) between my two computers.
I wonder if that didn’t force FoldingText to reactivate many times and would explain why it went above the activation limit.

I disabled that now.
I’ll shoot you an e-mail with my order info. Thanks again!

No, I don’t think that should make a difference.