FT 2.0 Japanese Input Bug

I am not in English speaker, it may be hard to read the text, but please forgive me.

When the Japanese entered FoldingText 2.0, there is a problem on the display. By Wrap, text before conversion is deviated. It has confirmed that occur in more than one imput method. (Google IME, Kotoeri)

This problem does not occur in 1.2. I think you will not see it now, but to build 729 and did not occur.

Because it is a compelling problem for us Japanese, want to ask for modification by all means.

I attach the link of the screen shot below.


@catfist Thanks for your report… but you are correct I’m a little confused.

Is it true that this is “only” a display issue and not an “input” issue. I was under the impression that text input was working correctly for Japanese.

Can you maybe give two screenshots, one showing problem in FoldingText, and one with the same content displayed correctly in TextEdit?


Thank you for reply. That’s right, this is a problem on the display, input is normal.

I will attach a screen shot of TextEdit below.


In addition, I created a video screen capture of FT 2.0.


Thanks for that explanation. I see the problem now. Most of FoldingText is implemented in JavaScript using the CodeMirror JavaScript editor. The nature of that means that text input is taken from a hidden single line text field. That means input sequences like you describe will not be able to wrap over multiple lines.

But I “think” I can get rid of the problem where the text continues to shift right after it is bumped down to the next line. I’ll look into that fix for the next release.

Thank you for reply. I think it’s very though there is a lot of requests, but I’m looking forward!

This should be better in the latest dev release. Still won’t wrap quite correctly, but doesn’t drift to the right as you type. Let me know how “OK” it is please! :smile:

Thank you for quick response! It was easier to see fairly.

However, the text before the conversion is not wrapped, and is displayed in the “second line”. It is a perfect conversion of text before and wrapped.

That the text in the input movement is eliminated, I am satisfied enough personally. Please let me know if you need additional screenshot.

Ok, that’s good to hear. I realize layout is still not visually 100% correct when composing text, but I think this is the best that can be done for now given how CodeMirror works. Thanks for your help.

Hi there I will report because there is a problem that still remains.

As reported the other day, it is displayed in the “second line” text before conversion. Thereby, two problems occur.

Problem [1]: The position of the suggestions and before conversion text leaves.

Problem [2] : Overlapping characters in the second line.

Here is the screen shot.

The following is displayed properly in TextEdit.