GFM style todos

I’ve probably been treated too well by GFM support in places, but I’d really like to use the - [ ], - [x] style todo lists. I’ve done a little digging around and can change the checkbox style for todos, but I think I need to do more than just style the bullets (there’s lots of indent changing). For reference, I prefer to hide the list bullets.

I’d be happy to have a list like this:

# Title.todo - [ ] Todo 1 - [ ] Todo 2 - [x] Todo 3 @done

Where both ‘x’ and ‘@done’ trigger the done-ness (and undo).

iA Writer recently implemented something similar. It’d be cool to see something like that (maybe even add ‘.todo’ to the parent when a todo list is being written).


Thank you for writing in. I’ve always found the GFM todos nice, but too verbose. That being said, we do have some basic support for creating them.

Just entering:

- [ ] todo

and pressing enter will keep creating these GFM style lists for you. The missing part, what I can think of, is clicking on the space between the square brackets to mark the todo item as complete or incomplete. That functionality can be created, but I’m not sure when and if we’ll do that, especially since we have a pretty nice todo mode anyway.

I like how the todo mode follows a much simpler syntax and don’t think the todo mode will be incorporating these, but I haven’t given it too much thought yet. I’ll definitely keep this idea at the back of my mind though, and see if there’s enough demand for it to implement. The place where todo mode lacks compared to GFM style todos is export, but we might go another way to resolve that in the future.