Have a project view like in TaskPaper

Is there a way to have a project / file view like in TaskPaper? I feel that is the one thing missing here.

There isn’t a dedicated project view like in TaskPaper. Though you can get a similar overview through:

View > Focus Heading

I personally prefer the left view sidebar that lists all the “documents”. Do you think you would be interested in adding that? Or is that not something you want to add to the product?

I will weigh in here. I was asking the same question on another thread.

TaskPaper sat dormant on my drives until I discovered the Projects List. It is a make it or break it item for me. I cannot even consider a switch from TaskPaper to FoldingText with no Projects list sidebar. For that matter, perhaps I will continue with TaskPaper as it is currently working well for me. I wish I could add numbered lists to TaskPaper but that is all.

I have some learning disabilities that are sadly quite real. I have to see, visually, how my organizational structure works, in real time. I cannot remember to pull down a menu to view something. Even if that sounds simple enough to some, it is not going to work for me. I like TaskPaper very much. I can review my tasks on the left, click on any aspect of a project, and go right to work.