Home and End Key Behaviour

Currently, the home/end keys on a full-sized Mac keyboard perform a page up/page down function.

Is this intended? Is it possible to change these keys to go to the beginning/end of the current line?

I have a keybindings dictionary for every other app in ~/Library/KeyBindings. Is this deprecated?

@ct1003 No it’s not depreciated, and ideally FoldingText would use that system. But it doesn’t right now.

The issue is that unlike most mac apps FoldingText uses a custom JavaScript based text editor (CodeMirror). This gets us all sorts of neat behavior and flexibility, but it also means we don’t use Cocoa’s standard text input system that supports these keybindings.

At some point I might manually read in that file and setup keybindings that way. Or find some other approach to fix, but right now other things are taking priority. The workaround is to create a FoldingText plugin to define your own keybindings.