How to easily remove done items every day?

Is there a way to quickly remove the @done items to other part of the document or remove them altogether?

I like to work every day on a clean todo list and having to remove them manually is a bit annoying


If you do:

Edit > Run Command

And then choose the “archive @done” command it will move all @done items to an “Archive” section in your document. You can leave them there as reference, or manually delete them once they’ve all been gathered to that location.

Thank you!

If it is the same as in TaspPaper 3, if you work on a daily list of regular things like I do where at the end of the day I have to clear a list so I can start fresh the next day, select all (option a) then select done (option d). Simple if your entire list is showing on a page, option a then option d.

Is there a way to archive only the @done items of certain .todo lists?

No, Archive Done always works on your entire document I think.