How to install a plugin?

Plugins are folders that end with the .ftplugin file extension and contain JavaScript and other resources.

To install a plugin put it into FoldingText’s Plug-In’s folder:

  1. Choose the File > Open Application Folder menu item and then locate the Plug-Ins folder.

  2. Copy the plugin (which is a folder ending with .ftplugin) into the Plug-Ins folder.

  3. Verify that a plugin is installed by choosing the FoldingText > Plugin Manager menu item and make sure the plugin is install and has no errors. The plugin functionality should be available in any new documents that you open after installing the plugin.

Currently the find plugins link in the manager does not work, pointing to a “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private” page.

Thanks… I changed the forum around at the last minute, but FoldingText was already nearly though the Mac App Store approval process. The link is supposed to go to the lounge category… I’ve fixed for the next release.

Where can I find plugins?

Thank you

Here’s a link page for plugins: