How/where to change code block syntax css?


Really liking FoldingText since discovering it a couple of weeks ago.

I have customised FT with a dark theme (Solarized) which is great except the syntax highlighting doesn’t change at all - normally it wouldn’t be a huge deal but I am currently reading lots of course notes which mix code blocks with text, and reading the code itself gets pretty difficult.

I can see references to ‘cm-mode’ when I inspect the elements but I’m unsure as to where these tags are being styled?

Not sure if you have found your way from the FoldingText menu system to

Help > Software Development Kit > Documentation > Create Themes ?





(The SDK version of the editor updates immediately when you save an amended .less file, very useful for rapid experimentation. The main editor only reads the .less on launch)

Thanks a lot for the info!

Yes I had followed those links but never realised about the editor updating in Debug mode… that’s great.

I think what was happening was I was editing the SDK version of base.less which of course wasn’t having any effect. Once I copied the ‘cm-mode’ properties into user.less everything worked as expected. Thanks for your help!