I don’t Understand - plus I bought and hope it’s half the listed price of $35

I saw something that looked valuable here but I realy am confused as to what the program is to do. Also, I hope the price is half of what was listed of $34.99

I don’t really understand your question. There’s a screencast here showing what the program looks like and some of the things that it does. http://www.foldingtext.com/

I saw the clip and was still a bit confused. However, I think the product - you write in markdown - can hide info and reveal it when need to and it looked as if it had an indented planning funtion. Would that be right? Is there anything I’m missing about the product capabiliies that really stand out. I know Markdown itselft very well.

That sounds about right.

But you should know that Markdown syntax isn’t my primary interest with this and how Markdown is handled will change significantly in the next version. My larger interest is in creating a place to “think” with text. Which for me means organize text into a hierarchy, search and tag text with attributes, and build as a platform that others can extend.

This forum discusses the in progress (not yet ready to replace existing FoldingText) version that will eventually be FoldingText 3:



The above is no longer true. Mutahhir will continue development of FoldingText in current direction:



This is realy hard to type because I know you but a lot ofdevelopment time into the various projects you flirt with. So please understand that this is constructive criticism that I hope you don’t find offensive because everything I have dabbled with of your is top notch.

First I’ll came to know Takpaper at it’s development was dwindling. lucky there wee enough supporters to keep he dream alive and you graciously opened it up for other devs to pick up the reigns (Taskmator, Edititorial, etc.)

I TP worked exactly how my mind thinks when organizing a project. So eve those there were the guys running with it, PhilG wtc., it kept my interest and was easy for me to write my own psuedo-code highlighters in other text editors to pass the time.

This was all on my iOS devices with url shemes so I didn’t feel the sting or sticker shock until I recently got my MAC.

Don’t get me wrong, if there are consumer’s that feel that the price for Folding Tex at $29.99 I’m not trolling them. I over paid for apps that I knew ween’t worth it but they fit a a niche I needed.

Now with Folding Text at $29.99 and form what I’ve gathered from the forums it is a bump up from a side project for you. I understnd the need to make money for your time. That I am not questioing.

But there are some things that turn me off to purchasing, first, I’m a student so money is tight. Second I get the vibe that FT is not near complete fruition and the price doesn’t seem to match up with it’s current development state. lso it is worth menioning in various comments I consistently com across, and this is paraphrased, “the dev has great ideas, but only follows through about halway and then he goes onto another reiteration of the same idea just tweaked in a different way, slapps a new name on it and ups the charge.”

I want to purchase Folding Text but I hope you can see my concerns. Now there is talkig of just making it a paid addon to Atom? To be blunt, you seem to have ADD with wyour dev cycles I’m ADD so don’t take offence please.

I could see the Mac app dropped by $10-15 and then charge for IOS and Ipad versios to make up the slack.

Again I’m only writing this beause I love the program but this is a bone of contpention for me to shell out th money with a rescricted budget from school costs.

I hope you understand, and thank you for listening.