Import from TaskPaper?

I’m thinking it would be great if FoldingPaper could import TaskPaper files.

My use case: I use TaskPaper extensively as ‘tactical outlines’ for projects which frequently involve numerous files and URLs. These outlines serve as checklists for doing the work. I have been using tp2md.rb for publishing my completed checklists to documentation sites. If FoldingText could add an import TaskPaper feature that would make for faster importing and allow for additional composition in the final documentation step.

Thanks for considering this.

But Folding’Text’ can open and save TaskPaper files natively, so what is it that you are missing?

The only missing piece really is the TP search query as I mentioned in my recently posted query here.

Maybe by import you mean?
convert: Project: to Project.todo

I’m sure someone could whip up a script or extension for that.

Although functionally they are the same as you can mark any line @done. It’s just a question of styling them as you’d like with ‘-’ or boxes.

You’re quite correct. I had tweeted JG re my question, he suggested I post it here. I had not used FT prior to this but as you indicate FT can open TP files. I downloaded the FT demo and it appears it will fit my use case.

The only change I had to make to a simple TP case (one’;project:’ followed by an outline) is to make the project title a headline and decrease remaining lines by one level via cmd-[

As I indicated in my example use case I often use TP for managing lists of URLs. I note that file:///… links in TP open the file, while in FT they reveal the file in Finder. Regular http:// links open the web page as in TP.

It appears that given a few regex’s (e.g. a BBEdit textfactory) I could achieve my use case goal of converting TP files to markdown via FT for documentation purposes.

That’s good!

I hadn’t considered combining Project title styles yet. So if I get in the habit of writing:


Previewing these in a markdown previewer, or using in TaskPaper apps will both look decently formatted.