Importing FT for Atom files in OS X app

I tried FoldingText for Atom, but want to revert to the FT for OS X app. If I try to open .ftml files from Atom in the native app, I get raw XHTML code (or at least I think that’s what it is).
Is there any way to get the Atom files into the native app again?

In FoldingText for Atom:

  1. Select All
  2. Command-Shift-P to show the command pallet.
  3. Choose the command “Outline Editor: Copy Text”

That will copy a plain text version of your outline that you can paste into FoldingText or TaskPaper.

Thanks. Tried to ‘heart’ your reply but unfortunately the forum software says I am “not permitted to view the requested resource”.

Odd… it does appear that you have liked my post… at least I see a like from you. The forum software does have a number of “levels” that you must pass through to be able to do various things… protect against span and such. Anyway, glad you’ve found the way to get your data out as text! :slight_smile: