Input method bug since the latest bug

For some asian language like Chinese, we need a floating bar to choose words from.
This bar usually follows the current input position, but in this upgrade, this bar is always left to the screen.
This can only be seen in Foldingtext, my beloved tool.

So could you please solve this asap? As this is my main note tool and this is really annoying.

Not sure if that is quite the same as what I am seeing here. If I move the window, the bar does get left behind, but it seems to start near the text entry point, moving a bit left as we type.

Does this look the same as you are seeing ? (zipped .mp4) (429.4 KB)

It’s different, my bar is fixed to the left of the screen. Fixed means, while I was typing, it didnt move.

However, apparently we are experiencing the same thing, I believe.

I tried the Chinese input method provided by OS X and the Rime as well, they were the same.
And this didn’t happen in other plain text editing tool.

Therefore I believe it’s the bug of Foldingtext.

I wonder if some input methods are affected more than others ?

( Using Pinyin - Simplified with FT 2.1.1 build 761 here )

Exactly. Different input methods are affected in slightly different manner.

See the attached pics, one is using Rime and the other is the system-provided Pinyin.

And you can find that for Rime, the bar is close to the edge of the FT window.
For the other, it’s moving to the left we type, as you have seen!

I still think there are from the same bug which didn’t show up in previous version.

Anything I can do to go back to previous version?

Got it – and I am now seeing this too with Ver. 2.1.1 (761)

With some east asian input methods (Chinese - Pinyin Traditional, for example)

The usual horizontal bar menu is now turning into a wide vertical list which:

  1. specifically hides the text insertion point
  2. generally conceals a largish area of the editing window

Perhaps some kind of horizontal ⇄ vertical option which needs to be explicitly set ?

Are you the developer of the FT?

Actually the input method I use, Rime, is vertically shown and the simplified Chinese is in horizontal.

Both are affected. So I am afraid this is not about the inout method.

No no – I’m not the developer – just another user of Chinese input methods*.

( *just a regular 周 )

Thanks for sharing anyway. I hope we can see the developer’s reply soon.


Thanks for pointing this out and the details provided. There are a couple of related bugs that got introduced when we updated the underlying version of CodeMirror.

I’m going to look into this system and will probably have more questions, being a mostly-English user of FT myself.


Please solve this problem asap, it’s really annoying, since FT is my main noting tool.