Invisibility of self-links

Self-links disappear completely when “View | Hide Syntax” is on:
[]( will not appear at all.

The use of <> (<>) works fine (= visibility), but I’ve noticed that when I open such code (from nvALT) with FoldingText, it is automatically transformed into the other (invisible) form.

Could it be possible to either transform to the <> form or indicate “Link” or something?

There is exactly the same problem of invisibility with images without alt text:
![]( could it be possible to indicate just “Image” or something like that in this case?


Links like this [] work in FT and NvAlt

(and in MD generally, I think)

[] – (the bracketed sequel is redundant when the name itself is a link)

Ah …

Not in, I see

More complicated than I thought: this behavior is not permanent, now it works fine, I do not know why.

My usual workflow is to create texts in nvALT, and if they are too long, to edit them in FT. That’s how I’d noticed I couldn’t see the <> in FT.

Unselecting “Hide Syntax” showed me all the URLs in <> format had been transformed into the []( format.

I guess it’s because “Hide Syntax” hide all URL, and in this case also the one inside square brackets, which is fine, but may be there is a possibility to systematically use the <> format (and transform into it if necessary).

And indeed, the tests I’m doing right now do show the good behavior: the <> format is now kept perfectly and I can’t reproduce what I couldn’t avoid a few hours ago.

BTW: in my tests right now, FT and nvALT have the same behavior on these:

  • Edit | Copy | Copy as HTML of: <> (followed by a Space Return) gives: <p><a href=""></a> </p>

  • Edit | Copy | Copy as HTML of: [] (followed by a Space Return) gives: <p>[] </p>

The only surprise is that the <p> and </p> (including these 2) appear in green in FT, except for the first ones who do not change of color…

I ran into this same issue today, and am glad that it is already being discussed here. Just wanted to add that use of the square-brackets-only syntax (e.g. []) doesn’t seem to be supported everywhere and I can’t see that in the original Markdown specs.

I noticed this applies to links of the form []( I haven’t experienced any intermittent behaviour described above, these links are just invisible with hide syntax option switched on.

I can’t tell whether this is the behaviour that was intended, but I do find it inconvenient, I was looking for some CSS to fix it, but I haven’t investigated the behaviour of the links, so I might be wasting my time.